Daniel DeBaun

Electromagnetic Fields What you need to know

Aired on: October 15, 2021

Episode Description

Cell phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens – are they a risk to our health. The answer is “yes.” These devices disrupt intercellular communication, open the gut barrier and open the brain blood barrier. EMF in addition to other toxins greatly contribute to the increase in chronic diseases seen in our population. You will learn about EMF and what we can do to mitigate the EMF effects. Also, you will be able to ask the speaker questions directly on the Silicon Valley Health Institute 10/27 zoom meeting at 10 am Pacific (California) time.

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Electromagnetic Fields: what you need to know

Daniel DeBraun



  • Insure body gets necessary nutrients, ingredients
  • Avoid toxins
    • EMF is a toxin
    • The technologies around us are toxic and impact our bodies

EMF studies

  • Hardell showed cell phone and cordless phone usage was heavily correlated with acoustic neuroma and the deadly glioblastoma
  • America Toxicology Study (US) showed correlation with cell phones and glioblastomas   and heart schwannoma
  • Hugh Taylor ( Yale) and Suleyman Kaplan independently showed that placing a cell phone on a rodent’s pregnant abdomen results in brain damage in the offspring


  • Using a cell phones have energy connecting to a far cell tower up to five miles away
  • Cell towers are omni directional for up to five miles
  • Wi fi is omni directional for up to 1000 to 2000 feet.
  • In last ten years, many devices came out

EMF effects

  • Affects the cell itself
  • May have foggy brain functioning
    • May be neurologic effects in the frontal lobes
  • Like glyphosate, EMF
    • Opens up the blood brain barrier
    • Opens up the gut barrier
    • Interferes with intercellular communication (via calcium channels Dr. Powell)
  • Beverly Rubrik studied blood cells after a cell phone was put in a backpack, the blood got crumpled into the Rouleau formation
    • This means body parts do not get oxygenated
    • Perhaps that is the reason
  • After three to four hours of a laptop on the lap , sperm motility is reduced by 25 %
  • Female  fertility is impacted by similar exposure

FTC standards

  • Based on heat tested on a six foot tall male model, penetration is only two inches
    • Most uses are smaller, so signal goes deeper in the head
    • The signal can go through the whole child’s head
  • More concerning are biological  effects
  • In 1996 a law passed that cell tower placement cannot be stopped for health or environmental reasons
    • Scientific studies were ignored
    • Robert Kennedy Jr’s work determined that health studies were ignored

Havana Syndrome

  • Low frequencies can affect the brain cellsà foggy thinking
  • In class room may be 5 watts: we don’t understand the impact
  • Blue tooth is .3 watts 5 times less power level
    • At .1 watt, frontal lobe cells may be mutated
  • Active denial
    • 90 gigahertz signal (one millimeter) affects the sweat glands
  • Olle Johansson discusses that stomach bugs like the EMF and EMF disrupts the gut microbiome
  • EMF disrupts melatonin
  • EMF sensitive have elevated diff C elevated growth of virus


  • Cell phone is one gigahertz and 1.6 watts
    • Move 1 – 2 feet away, 80 % danger is gone
  • Hertz is one cycle in one second
  • Gigahertz is one billion cycles per second
  • Wifi is 2.5 gigahertz up to 5 or 6 gigahertz
  • Up til today most of transmission has been under 10 gigahertz
  • We do not know the impact of 5 G
  • 5 G cell towers at 23 gigahertz and 60 cycles per second
    • These signals have never been in the environment
    • These signals can only go 750 feet so for every 750 feet, there will be a cell tower
    • These cell towers will also have 4 G and 5 G
    • These are so much more powerful than anything used before
  • If you are within 1000 feet of a cell tower, you are three times as likely to get cancer
    • These cell towers use 40 to 60 watts of power
    • These are far away from the cell towers
  • Communicate with any or all devices
  • When on airplane mode, applications still looking for data
    • 5 G networks will have an instant connection so can monitor individual user
    • When cell phone is off, the cell phone is not operating in any way
  • Barry Trowells
    • Looked at power levels and frequency levels that can create certain problems in the body
    • This is what happened in the Havana Syndrome
    • They know the power levels and frequencies that will affect certain body parts
    • This was used in warfare and the cold war for years.


  • Reduce exposure, minimize uses
  • Cell phones are worse when in a moving metal object such as a car
    • The signal bounces around
    • The signal searches for towers, the power level is modulated
    • One bar is a weak signal so the cell phone will increase the power  so it modulates high within the car searching for the signal
  • Control the environment as much as can
    • Move a baby monitor 10 feet away
      • One foot from baby, sends the signal directly towards the body
    • Distance is friend]]
  • Cell phone has cell tower, blue tooth and wifi connection so turn off some of these connections
  • Move the cell phone ten feet away’
  • Even moving the cell phone two feet away removed 80 % of the damage
    • Better is moving the phone away and using earphone
    • Even better, is moving the cell phone away and using wireless earphones where only air tubes go to the head
  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary as detoxing occurs at night
  • Remove blue lights of computers as they prohibit the production of melatonin
    • The cryptochrome protein is at the back of the eye.  This turns melatonin on when it gets dark
    • Blue light blocking glasses can mitigate the blue light
  • He developed a device to mitigate the effects of EMF
    • He created an omni directional signal that goes into the body
    • This developed into making devices from shielding the body from EMF
    • He mad shelding from 5 G