Episode Description
web-davis-head-shotDoes cell phone radiation cause a health risk? The answer is “yes” according to Devra Davis, PhD, MPH. Cell phone radiation has been classified as a possible class II carcinogen by the World Health Organization. Studies have shown a probable causal effect of electromagnetic fields on causing brain tumours such as glioblastoma and acoustic neuromas. Cell phones have also been associated with fertility problems and certain breast cancers. The Italian Supreme Court has determined that Innocente Marcoliini’s brain tumour was caused by his use of cell phones. Swiss farmers swear that their health and the health of their animals were adversely affected by cell towers. Mobile devices actually warn to keep mobile devices at a safe distance. Children are even at a greater risk of harm as their heads are small, skulls are thin and their brains are rapidly growing. Dr. Davis discusses the research, the science research, the resistance to such research.


Ehrust.org: (has downloadable safety cards)
Other websites mentioned: babysafe.org
Previous Points
  • Tom O’Bryan said that we have managed to kill off half of our animals: are we next?
Points from people I interviewed
  • The Italian Supreme Court determined that Innocente Marcolini ‘s brain tumour was caused by cell phone use
  • Swiss farmers, their animals and plants all became sick when cell towers were constructed.
  • Wireless device use is increasing exponentially
  • There are more wireless device subscriptions than people in the US
Research Results
  • US National Oncology Program showed a correlation between cell phone use and
-the highly malignant brain tumour glioblastoma, heart
tumours and heart hypoplasia.
-acoustic neuromas where the tumour grows around
the acoustic nerve sheath impeding the ability to hear.
-These studies used the equivalent of 36 years
  • Other studies show that ten years of use have significant risk for the brain tumour, glioblastoma.
  • L Hardell showed that children who use cell phone have a 4 – 8 times increase in the risk for cancer.
  • Cell phone radiation
    • Disturbs cell membranes
    • Produces oxidative stress which is predictive of cancer, immunological and immune disorders,
  • Turkish studies show that animals prenatally exposed to cell phone had smaller brains, smaller hippocampus,
  • and brain damage
  • Other Turkish studies showed animals exposed prenatally to cell phones have offspring with defects in the skin, liver, eyes and testes.
  • Martha Herbert showed that cell phone radiation opens the blood brain barrier (the barrier to protect our brains from outside toxins/ bad things), oxidative stress, inflammation, DNA damage, and damage to the cell structure thus affecting what goes in and out of the cell.
  • Dr. Davis believes cell phone effects are causative and not a mere association because there is a dose related effect and valid science explaining the effects.
  • Like with tobacco, the only way to get the data is to wait. Do you want to experiment with your children?
Guideline Studies
  • Current guidelines were set in 1996: would you like to ride in a plane with guidelines set in 1996.
  • These guidelines were based on heat: which is not a major cause of the adverse health effects
  • It is not the average exposure that is the issue it is the exposure at the peaks (for example when the cell phone is looking for a cell tower.
  • Current studies test a water filled bowling ball as a model of the brain – yet a brain is not homogeneous.
  • Law suits from people who have died with brain cancers is pushing cell phone manufacturers to come up with safer options.
  • There is no independent testing. The industry submits their findings to the FCC ad the devices are approved
  • There is no random sampling to monitor industry surveillance.
  • Cellular devices were originally created for military use and many of the studies were done on these early powerful devices.
  • The current phones have greater health risks because the weaker signals are associated with checking for signals 900 times per minute..
Cordless Phones
  • It is difficult to find a control for cell phone studies as some cordless phones have an even higher risk of adverse health effects.
  • The cordless phone is a 2 way microwave radio and generates radiation 24/7.
Wi fi
  • Effects depend where the router is located and how many devices are connected
  • A router can be programed to go to sleep (which well help save electricity, decrease exposure
  • Children are at increased risk
  • There is concern in Sweden where children who were given a computer at age 3 show slower learning
Risky Wi Fi Gadgets and Beahviours
  • Baby onesies that include a cardiac monitor and pulse monitor so you the mother does not need to pick up the baby
  • Wireless devices that can be inserted into the vagina so that music is closer to the fetus.
  • Putting cell phones into bras which result in tumours where the antennae were placed.
  • Using cell phone in moving vehicle as the head is an antenna (similar to placing the head in a microwave), and the cell phone is continually seeking a new signal.
Protective Cell Phone Devices
  • Devra is not familiar with studies showing that protective devices for cell phones are effective
  • She recommends “Belly armour to protect unborn fetuses from electromagnetic radiation. In Tawain, pregnant women are given these
  • Question: studies on kinesiology might strengthen body’s energetic system but might not be measurable outside the body
  • Biological geometry had success in helping people affected by electromagnetic radiation
  • Fetus exposure is highest during the last moth when the baby’s head is closest to the surface.
  • More information can be found on babysafe.org
Is the a Connection between Cell phones and autism?
  • Autism rates are increasing rapidly in industrialized nations
  • Of course there could be many other contributors to autism such as glyphosate, various toxins
  • In Korea where there is a high use of digital devices, there is a syndrome called digital dementia.
  • Postulated mechanisms include oxidative stress, leaky gut, disturbance of he blood brain barrier, disruption of the calcium channels.
Legal Approaches in Other Countries
  • Israel and France do not allow wi fi in preschools
  • In Belgium it is not legal to give a child a cell phone
  • In Turkey, it is illegal to advertise cell phones to children
  • In 2010, San Francisco passed a “right to know” law and were immediately sued by the industry. San Francisco won the case, but could not enforce the law because if they did they were threatened to have to pay industry’s very expensive legal expenses
  • Berkeley passed a modest law about a right to know what is in the cell phone (see footage of this hearing on this website). The industry is challenging this, and one court official has a family conflict of interest with major holdings in the cell phone industry. This case will probably go to the supreme court.
  • Dr. Davis believes some researchers and some administrators lost their jobs and funding due to their research or opinions on cell phone radiation.
Recommendations for Safe Phone
  • Stop putting the phone near the brain
  • Use speaker phone or a head set
  • Instructions in the Android phone say to keep the phone 15 mm from the body
  • IPAD instruction used to say to keep IPADs 8 inches from the body, although recent models have lower levels of radiation.
  • In the IPHONE, look at general; about: legal: radiofrequencies exposure guidelines
  • Keep lap tops about 8 inches away from the body
Summary Points
  • Cell phone use can cause brain cancers in heavy users or people who used phones over a long period of time
  • We are not doomed as we have DNA repair which is helped by
    • Healthy diet and good sleep
    • Melatonin can reverse and block the damage from cell phone radiation by half
  • Practice safe phone
  • Get informed
  • Look at the phone operative system
  • Use a speaker phone or head set
  • Don’t let children use – it is not a toy
  • If the signal is weak, don’t use the device as that is the time of greatest risk
  • Don’t use a cellular device in a moving vehicle or elevator.
  • Distance is your friend