Bill Code, MD

Covid19: staying health with Covid19

Aired on March 27, 2020

Episode Description

Viral tests miss up to 30 % of the persons with the corona virus. As persons with the corona virus are walking among us, it is important to build up our immunity and minimize any damage that might be caused by exposure . In this podcast, steps to avoid and minimize illness from COVID -19 and other viruses are discussed. Let’s take steps to build our health to maximize our immunity and resistance to the corona virus and other medical conditions.

Bill Code, MD

His book Solving the Brain Puzzle which is written in laymen terms

His background

  • Many illnesses can be reversed through a combination of diet, good sleep, and taking an epigenetic approach including
    • Oxygen theory
    • Tending to the microbiota
    • Photo-modulation therapy
    • cannabis
  • He has had MS

1918 Spanish flu

  • Primarily attacked younger people
  • Aspirin used to be encouraged for heart disease prevention because many people bled to death on aspirin
    • It is no longer recommended; instead medications such as technogenol  are recommended

Covid Virus

  • The tests at this time missed 30 % of the covid positive individuals, so they are walking around us:  hence we need to build our immunity systems
  • Is a very close cousin to COVID 1, SARs (sudden acute respiratory distress syndrome
  • Some one in Canada contacted the virus when someone else had the virus and threw up in an elevator in Hong Kong infecting many people
  • Is hardier, travels further than previous viruses

Approach to dealing with the Covid virus

  • Get your health well-being in order; enhancing our immune system
  • Enhance immunity
  • Enhance microbiome
  • People with comorbid conditions such as hypertension and diabetes have more difficulties with the virus

Microbiota Therapy

  • Hypocrates said if we keep the gut healthy, the person is healthy
  • 80 % of our immune system is in our gut
  • Weakened gut lining lets bacteria travel through the blood stream to lung helping the disease to progress
  • Improving gut health reduces nasty bacteria getting to lungs
  • Autoimmunity starts in the gut
    • An undigested protein leaks into blood stream and body mounts antibodies to attack it.
    • Through molecular mimicry, these antibodies attack body tissues with a similar genetic make-up
  • Covid virus does better with bacteria prevotella
  • Prevotella is increased in
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
  • Diet
    • Eat 40 – 50 different foods per week
      • Get different group of bacteria boosted for each group of fiber from different foods
        • Colourful fruits and vegetables, herbs, tea
          • These reduce pathogenic or nasty microbes while increasing the good ones
    • Saffron, garlic, green tea, pomegranate, berries , cinnamon, apple
    • Avoid grains and gluten
    • Increase probiotics
      • Lactobacillus ramnosis GP
        • Improves gut health and decreases gut permeability
      • Bifidus
      • Within 7 – 10 days of stopping a probiotic, benefits and changes are gone
      • Kamount microbiome rectally for those of us that can’t catch up
        • Found in Canada, Bahamas, UK, Slovakia
    • Hyperbaric oxygen 20 treatments
      • Boosts our stem cells 6 to 8 times
        • These go to where they are needed in the body
  • Soil microbiome is important for health
    • Spraying insecticides on our soils weakens microbiome
    • Monocrop farming destroys soil and contributes to global warming
      • Need to rotate crops
      • Everything in cycle should be working together
      • For example, Fred Provenza podcast recommends small farming with animals that nourish the soil

Increasing prevotella the bacteria that encourage the covid virus

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Low cholesterol
  • Lactobacillus probiotics
  • Gluten and grains boost prevotella
  • High fat diet
  • grains
  • Aspirin
  • Metformin
  • Lack of oxygen (hypoxemia) in gut
    • Weakens lining in lung
    • Aggravates gut lining and gut leakiness creating the problem of acute respiratory symptoms in the lungs

Decreasing Prevotella

  • Probiotics: biffidus
    • Bacillus strain reduces prevotella strain
  • Green tea
  • Lauric acid from coconut oil
  • Celery , thyme green peppers
  •  Turmeric, rosemary, burberry (also helps lower blood sugar), chicory
  • Omnivorous diet
  • Extra oxygen
    • Hyperbaric oxygen
    • Oxygen bars

Low cholesterol

  • Cholesterol is a sterol 27 molecule that acts as a carbon trap
  • Low cholesterol provides extra carbon molecules needed for the virus DNA and RNA synthesis for viral replication
  • He has no problems with cholesterol levels of 240.
  • He wants a minimum cholesterol of 160 preferably 180
  • It is not good to take something out of our mix
  • With low cholesterol, one cannot make co enzyme Q 10
    • Co Q 10 depletes naturally as one ages
    • Recommends co Q 10 200- 300 mg two or three times a day
  • 225 is the sweet spot for cholesterol
    • More people die with cholesterols lower than 225
  • Half of the people with heart attacks have normal cholesterol
    • Risk factors for heart attacks are the number and size of the small LDL particles and endothelial dysfunction
    • Microcirculation (5- 10 microns (.1 millimeters) is responsible for 80 % of our heart attacks
    • Recommendations to improve microcirculation (helping with low energy and low energy within the cells
      • Exercise
        • Walking, treadmill
          • He takes oxygen when he uses his treadmill
      • Important to help   mitochondria
        • CoQ 10 200 – 300 mg three times a day
        • carnitine 500 mg  three times a day
          • if you are worried about your brain use actyl-carnitine
        • ribose 5 grams two or three times a day
  • We need cholesterols for our cell walls and to make hormones
  • Low cholesterol is huge factor for people on autism spectrum Alzheimer’s Disease
  • We never had good scientific evidence to lower cholesterol

Things we can do to keep healthy

  • You can make a difference in your well being
  • Self-isolation to flatten the curve in the hospitals
    • Recommends co Q 10 200- 300 mg two or three times a day
  • Worried well
    • Klinghardt recommends spraying HOCl in throat to knock out potentially bad viral material in throat
    • Avoid sugar
      • One molecule of sugar requires over 20 molecules of magnesium to metabolize it
      • Sugar causes an insulin spike which causes inflammation
      • One teaspoon of sugar can set the body going in the wrong direction

Intermittent fasting

  • Increases stem cells
  • Increases autophagy (cleaning out inflammatory causing debris)
  • The sweet spot is not eating for 13 hours
    • Helps clean the body and reset the system
  • Helps with blood sugar control weight loss around the belly

Avoid toxins

  • Minimizing toxins give the body more resources to fight a virus
    • Each toxin taxes body resources to fight off
  • He believes that the toxins will generate a crisis especially with children who do not have resources to fight off effects of toxins (42)
  • Glyphosate and EMF
    • open gut and brain barriers
    • interfere with intercellular communication
    • glyphosate
      • interferes with detoxification
      • is an antibiotic
      • even non GMO foods (beets, wheat) have glyphosate on them as it was used as a drying agent
  • photomodulation
    •  a cool, low level laser therapy
    • Red scanner in grocery store is a type of photomodulation
    • Cool laser light passes through the tissue and penetrates up to an inch
      • We have a lot of holes in bodies
      • We are light beings
    • It interacts with cytochrome system which is part of mitochondria
    • Helmet laser
      • Penetrates brain helping blood vessels supplying the brain
      • Might help in depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s diseae
      • Recognized by FDA for PTSD, traumatic brain injury, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (NFL football player injuries)
  • lasers
  • CBD
    • Non mind modification parts of marijuana
    • Antimicrobial factors
    • Good for anxiety
      • Most pharmaceuticals weaken microbiome in some form

People who think they are getting the virus

  • Keep track of it.
  • 100,000 international units of vitamin D 3 for two or three days in a row
  •  Homeopathic oscillococcinum
    • Helps body heal with new onset virus
  • Zinc 30 mg per day
  • Increase glutathione building blocks
    • N acetylcysteine
    • Whey protein
  • Vitamin C up to a gram per day (til bowel tolerance)
    • Form not important
    • Get diarrhea so back off 20 – 30 %
    • If fighting bad virus can take one gram vitamin c every six minutes
    • In China and some NY hospitals they are using IV vitamin C
  • Merrik protocol
    • discussed in critical care meeting in Australia; also used France
    • Vitamin C
    • Small amount of Hydrocortisone
    • Thiamine 200 mg  (or B complex 50 mg once or twice per day)
  • Also recommended by Nutrilink (UK)
    • Vitamin A
    • Selenium
    • Humic acid
      • Fights viruses stops viral movement to neighbouring cells
    • Olive leaf extract
    • Saccharomyces boulardii probiotics
      • Is a member of bifidus group
      •  Helps preadjust bifidus and reduce the prevotella
    • These all optimize microbiome
      • Reduce candida in gut
  • Klinghardt recommends adrographis
    • Covid 19 uses ACE receptor to enter cells
    • Covid 19 clings on to these receptors that help covid get established in body
      • ACE inhibitor and ARB antihypertension medications have been implicated in Covid- 19 , but the “jury is still out”
      • He suggests if on these medications, stay on these medications but pay attention to other steps to help build immunity
      • Calcium channel blockers might be a better choice for a new anti hypertension medication
  • Stay calm: minimize stress

Hand washing

  • Soap does well in breaking down virus
    • Alcohol not as good as soap and water, but drying helps rid virus
      • Only use hand cleaners that are alcohol based
      • Don’t use bacterial soaps as they contain triclosan
        • These are not antiviral
  • Use paper towels to dry hands, not air blower

No substance to theory of putting hot air in sinuses

  • This will injure sinuses
  • He would propose putting extra oxygen or ozone into sinuses


  • You have a lot of control over your own destiny
  • You are what you eat
  • Adjust, change, learn about this now
  • Increase vitamin C, vitamin D, B vitamins, zinc
  • Increase bifidus probiotics
    • Sachromyces is good as well
    • These increase help the microbiome and help gut health
  • Minimize EMF exposure
    • Disconnect wifi at night
    • Keep cell phone at a distance