Beth Lambert

a compromised generation: the role of toxins

Aired on July 24, 2020

Episode Description

Currently, we are raising the first generation of children who have been compromised at birth. Their immune system is compromised, and their ability to grow in an unimpeded way is also compromised. The rates of childhood chronic diseases is increasing. Beth will discuss why the current children’s health is compromised and the role of toxins in this process

Beth Lambert


Compromised Generation

Brain Under Attack

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Main Points

  • Protecting our children from infectious disease is not about one modality
  • There are many ways of bolstering immune systems
    • Building nutrition has important benefits
  • We need to build our children’s resilience which starts with the gut
  • Most diseases that are plaguing our kids are reversible (excluding in born errors of metabolism and genetic conditions)
  • It is possible to reverse many symptoms by reducing the total toxic load and supporting a healthy life style

Statistics on Chronic Health Conditions in Children

  • Just because something is common, does not mean it is normal
  • In the 1960’s less than 10 % of children had a chronic health condition (2 % in 1960)
  • Over half of American kids have a chronic health condition.                           4.53
  • Asthma, allergies, obesity, diabetes, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, neurobehavioural development conditions
    • Autism rates increased by 6000 %
    • ADHD and allergy rates increased by 400 %
    • Asthma rates increased by 300 %
  • We are seeing huge epidemic of PANs and PANDAs – autoimmune disease that precipitate behavioural issues, neuropsychiatric issues (OCD, anxiety, tics)
  • Even more children are affected although they might not have a diagnosis
    • Diseases come on a continuum.
      • The Kaiser study states for each point your morning fasting blood sugar is about 84, there is a 6 % increased change of getting diabetes.
      • Life style choices and exposure to toxins influence which genes are expressed (epigenetics)

There is no one thing explaining the increase in chronic diseases in children

  • Look at the total picture
  • There is a “perfect storm of environmental which can be described as “modern living”
  • It is the total health stressors vs health support for child
  • Total load theory
    • Number of health stressors (EMF, GMO, heavy metals, petro chemicals, glyphosate on body creates total load, and a child can only take so much
    • Can increase child’s ability to handle a total load
    • Nutrition, sleep, sunlight, natural movement, clean air, clean water
  • Somethings contribute more to this increase in chronic conditions
    • Heavy use of antibiotics which affect the microbiome, GI function and immune function
    • Autism – both immune systems were overloaded at critical time periods.  The contributing factors may differ for each child.
      • The toxic burden
        • Air, water, soil, food, home environment, EMF
        • Medications can disrupt the gut flora
          • PPI, steroid medications, antibiotics
        • These add up.
      • How much resilience did child have
        • Sunshine
        • Nutrition,
        • Movement

Role of the Microbiome

  • Critically important for human health and child development (especially the brain)
  • Very important to a child’s development and growth
  • Needs to be robust and diversified
  • Microbe help regulate immune system
    • Help turn immune system on and off
    • Poor gut microbiota can lead to immune dysregulation
  • Microbes help detoxify
  • In ADHD, Autism, microbiome is out of balance: have less microbiome diversity
  • Microbiome is like a pond: species are in balance
    • Throw in bleach, some species are eliminated and others grown in their place
      • Antibiotics, similarly wipe out helpful bacteria which are replaced by opportunistic bacteria.
    • Entire generation of kids are “carpet bombed with antibiotics, PPIs, steroid medications all of which disrupt the gut microflora leading to
      • Immune dysregulation
      • Food sensitivities
      • Asthma
      • Allergies
      • Inflammation in body
      • Autoimmune diseases (including antibodies against the brain
    • When the gut microbiome is leaky, rain can become leaky leading to an autoimmune attack against the brain and the development children’s neuropsychiatric conditions

Things that Affect the gut microbiome – all the cultural norm in the Western world

  • Prenatal events that affects the child’s gut
    • Mother’s diet, drugs, toxins, lifestyle, viruses
  • Postnatal influences on child gut
    • Diet,
      • amount of sugar in diet, processed food, nutrient deficient food, GMO
    • Medications
      • Antibiotics, NSAIDs, steroids, antacids, birth control pills, some asthma medications
      • Many that were thought to be safe in medical school  can cause damage.
        • Just because medications were approved by the FDA, it does not mean they are good for us.
          • For example, aspartane was approved by the FDA although they knew it was carcinogenic and a neurotoxin
          • Tylenol (acetaminophen)     
            • Depletes glutathione
          • NSAIDs
            • Contribute to leaky gut
            • Can be toxic to the liver, she says
            • Can make biofilms    
        • Should ask how close to nature the medication is
        • Choose natural, time honoured with wisdom of ancestors
        • One has to look at each child as an individua
    • Sedentary lifestyle
    • Environmental toxins
    • Forms of immunization


  • Many report their children were fine til age 6 mo. 12 mo when received immunizations
  • They were never tested against a placebo
  • They were never tested in combination
  • Could have a harder time after antibiotics deplete microbiome and destroy ability of immune system to function properly?
  • Studies
    • Children in Canada who delayed their first DPT vaccine by two months have 50 % chance of getting asthma.  Delaying more vaccines decreases it even further
    • Vaccinated boys had 155 % increase neurological disorders, 224 % more ADHD and increased autism rates

Our biology needs: We are not doing these

  • Movement
  • Sunlight
  • Clean air and water
  • Nutrient dense food

Reversible Chronic Conditions

  • Typically parents are told the disease is largely genetic, and the child will always have the condition
  • Yet, she says many children with the diagnosis of autism have reversal of symptoms with multi prong approach.
    • The parents worked to reduce the child’s total toxic loads
      • Living in a way that is in sync with nature and not synthetic
    • The parents worked with integrative physicians who identified body imbalances such as
    • Gut dysbiosis, cellular toxicity, oxidative stress, inflammation
    • There is no protocol. There is no one size fits all
      • Every child is bio individual
    • This has been found in autoimmune diseases , asthma, allergies, food allergies

  • Her non profit aims to educate parents and give them resources
  • Research project. Documenting Hope.
    • Testing the total load hypothesis.
      • CHIRP study
        • An online inventory of modern living on
          • Data so far is validating total load hypothesis contributing to diseases