Bernd Friedlander, DC

Building immunity vs vaccines: the answer for Covid-19

Aired on May 1, 2020

Episode Description

While Bill Gates is promoting vaccines for 7 billion of the earth’s inhabitants and WHO and Facebook are censoring information on Covid-19, – self-care and building up immunity are essential. Viruses have always been and always will be around us mutating regularly to provide continual health challenges. It is important to remain positive and take positive health steps rather than be buried in the stress of the massive fear concerning COVID-19 Dr. Friedlander compares the success of Sweden keeping its economy open to international lockdowns WARNING Governments, Congress, Facebook, Amazon have censored and not allowed discussions on how to make vaccines more effective in our national health armamentarium. Listen to this at your own risk.

  • Viruses have been living symbiotically with us from the beginning of time
  • We have viral contact everywhere, in food, water
  • If our innate and adaptive immune systems are working, viruses cannot damage us
  • Viruses shift every year and become more virulent because of the antibiotics and vaccines given
    • Corona is different shifts of viruses in the body
    • Viruses seem to be able to handle viruses and antibiotics and become more virulent and aggressive
  • We need to build our immunity to be healthy

Covid Virus Risk Groups

  • Is killing seniors with cardiovascular disease
    • Viruses attach themselves to the ACE receptor
    • ACE 2 receptor is the only way to combat viral attachment
    • He believes that the high blood pressure drug losartan can be protective
    • Andographis interferes with viral attachment as well
    • Anti serotonin factors help as well
    • Estrogen, histamine and serotonin are inflammatory markers and damage the immune system
  • Diabetics, obese, smokers
    • He spoke with ER physicians see these patients
    • They are not sure if it is covid 19 or the flu.
  • In the summer when people are out in the sun, flus are not prominent
  • In Italy and France, there is a lot of smoking
  • They found that 5 G has
    • caused inflammation
    • weakens immune system
    • It opens up the blood brain barrier releasing serotonin
    • Can resonate at the rate of our DNA
    • Can be used for surveillance
    • Can be used for subliminal programming
  • EMF and glyphosate
    • Interfere with intercellular communication, and open up the brain and gut barrier
    • Increase inflammation in our guts
      • People with less mucus in gut ( and cilia in lungs) have more of a risk for covid virus


  • Vaccines are made from the RNA and DNA of animals so the safety and effectiveness takes many years
    • Immunologists say it takes 2 – 3 years for the flu vaccine to start working
  • Vaccines contain many adjuvants like aluminum that causes neurological and immune diseases
    • He has seen that some of these diseases are from vaccines
    • Some effects of vaccines are negative and create inflammation
    • Have antigens that can cause autoimmune disease
  • 19 % of the flu vaccines were effective
  • Developing a good vaccine takes time, and we can’t experiment on people
  • To make vaccines the environment has to be very clean – so there was not enough known about safety
    • In Africa 4000 kids were paralyzed from a vaccine

Why are the messages so negative?

  • He believes in a positive attitude avoiding the nationwide negativity and fear
    • Stress impairs our immunity, gut health
  • He believes rather than isolation we should have taught about good health
  • Isolation causes stress and inflammation
  • Economic stress will cause inflammation and lower immunity
  • Only risk groups should isolate, he believes
    • Sweden has done this and have the lowest rates
    • Sweden is educating the public about diet and stress
  • What’s going to happen next fall when a virus returns
    • A vaccine won’t be available by that time
  • We have to become a unified world to support each other
  • He believes masks don’t help protect against the covid virus
    • When there is a sneeze others pick up the DNA, RNA, every virus of the other person

Some physicians believe it like high altitude sickness

  • He believes that the current treatment uses too much oxygen
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) should be used as well
  • Carbon dioxide and carbonic acid are the main substances basic for mitochondrial function
    • With ATP make NADH+
    • Are critical in longevity and avoiding cancer
  • CO2 at high altitudes is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
  • If displace CO2 with oxygen and don’t have CO2 that is what is happening to lung patients who die
  • People who are sick have a higher level of lactic acid
  • Otto Warburg said
    • It is not oxygen in respiration but we lack but the ability of oxygen to bring down glucose for energy
      • When use fatty acids to create energy, it produces lactic acid
        • Which is involved in diseases such as lactic acid
  • He believes hyperbaric oxygen should have some CO2 in it


  • Has some effects
  • It can cause cancer cells
  • It damages our DNA and RNA

Diet What not to Eat

  • Almost no diabetes before consumption of grains as we were plant, animal, and fish eaters
  • Nuts
    • have high poly unsaturated fats
    • have large ratios of phosphorous to calcium
  • Phosphorous
    • We are eating too much phosphorous compared to calcium
      • Damages our bones, cartilage, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity
      • Examples
        • Grains, pastas, nuts
      • Calcium helps metabolism
      • Klotho gene
        • An anti-aging gene
        • Controlled by the kidney and handles kidney and bone functions
        • Helps with longevity
        • Controlled by vitamin D, Vitamin K and Calcium
          • Without these we see an increase in cancer, aging and diabetes
      • We need to stop eating high phosphorous foods and increase our consumption of calcium
        • Eat cooked organic green leafy vegetables
        • Pasteurized raised, grass fed Cheese, eggs, milk
        • Pasture raised, grass fed meats

Recommended Diet

  • Cooked green vegetables
  • Cheese, eggs, milk
  • Eat raw carrots help gut microbiome
  • Eat more natural foods


  • Vitamin A supports the cell membrane that prevents the viral nucleic acid from entering the cell
  • Vitamin D, selenium, zinc,
  • Vitamin  C
    • Is anti-viral, helps with sepsis
  • Vitamin K
  • Collagen
    • Improves bone density
    • Has not tryptophan, methionine, cysteine which cause mTORR pathways which lead to cancer
  • P bacillus, bifidus longum
    • Support immunity
    • Antibiotic, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine anti nitric oxide, anti-serotonin function
    • Reverses depression and anxiety
    • Does not allow serotonin to pass thru the blood-brain barrier