Becky Plotner, ND

Naturopathy: helping us heal

Aired On: February 11, 2022

Episode Description

Learn about naturopathy and ways we can heal. Dr. Plotner describes her path towards healing her family. Of primary importance is out diet. In many cases, individual supplements do not provide a balanced supplementation. An excess of vitamin D decreases vitamin A and vice versa. There are also such relationships between calcium and magnesium, omega 3 and omega 4 as well as between copper and zinc. Hence nutrition is best obtained through whole, organic foods rather than individual supplementation which can create imbalances The importance of toxins such as excitotoxins, EMF, herbicides, bromide and in processed foods will also be discussed

Becky Plotner, ND

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Main Messages

  • Eat real foods, cooked fresh 100 %
  • Don’t use processed oils
    • These are highly processed, bleached, coloured et
    • Probably cause most damage in diet
    • No vegetable oil
  • Try for three months
  • Take care of yourself
    • Are in constant flight or fright state
  • Get outside to natural
    • Walking in pine forest has a lot of ozone

Path and Recommendations

  • Her son was born with autism, ADHD, bipolar, hypoglycemic and dyslexic
  • She was told that her son’s autism was due to her poor parenting skills
  • She kept praying. It always came down to food
  • When he ate healthy food, he was fine and lost his diagnoses
  • She adapted her diet to be like her son’s diet
    • Her body relaxed
    • All the problems she thought she did not have, surfaced
      • POTTS (when she stood up she passed out), Hashimotos, IBS, stage II spinal degeneration, stage 4 adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, heavy metal toxicity, H pylori, carpel tunnel syndromes, brain fog, tinnitus, eczema, over 50 allergies, fibromyalgias, lyme disease, cancers
    • She had all the side effects from medicines but not the benefit
  • She went back to school, and has been doing this ever since

Where did she start?  Where do others start?

  • She observed her child acting differently with different foods
    • Eg, 2 T yogurt resulted in child being destructive
    • She took notes and found that the processed foods were an issue
    • Adding glutamate (an excitotoxin) makes things worse
      • Glutamate is carefully hidden in seasoning, Chinese food
      • Coconut aminos adds MSG
      • Excitotoxins reve up microglia in brain which are hard to shut down
        • Head aches, nausea, vomiting, anxiety to suicidal ideation
  • She finds it criminal that one has to be such a detective to find healthy food
  • Organic food better.
  • Her child is the canary in the coal mine as this is affecting all of us]        
    • Natural methods work better: her child is doing well


  • Iodine was effective in healing and as antiseptic
  • Natural dessicated thyroid was heavily used
    • Removed from Merk manual in 1973 because they “needed the room”
  • Eg, a 10 yea old child had iodine deficiency
    • Daughter was not moving bowels, they did surgery and had to flush her bowels with saline with glycine in it every day
    • The child had bloated belly, loss hair, anxiety, depressed, depressed basal temperature, was cold and puffy
    • The food was not satisfying her body
  • Bromide used as a fire retardant (in bread, furniture, clothes, purses) competes for needed iodine
  • Fluoride also competes with iodine for example with thyroid
  • Test for iodine. Put iodine on skin. Stain should last for a day; old ledgers say it should lst for three days
    • Lugols iodine has two forms
      • iodine and iodide: different cells use different forms
      • if we rely on one form, creates imbalance
  • Iodine crucial for breast health


  • on a previous show, Catharine Reid, PhD reversed her child’s symptoms of autism by removing glutamate from the diet
  • Dale Bredesen, MD in a previous show is reducing the cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s Disease

Balances between nutrients is important as an excess of one decreases the other

  • Is important to keep the supplements in balance as they act as a see saw
  • This argues for getting nutrition from food
  • Supplement industry is self-regulated
  • In 2017 NIH did microbiome project
    • Vitamin A and vitamin D
    • Omega 3 and omega 6
    • Zinc and copper
      • Zinc deficiency
        • Pale nail beds
        • White flashes in nail beds
        • Cracks in side of lips
        • Difficulties thinking
        • Raw pastured yolks have the
        •  highest zinc
    • Magnesium and calcium
      • Foods high in magnesium
        • Dark leafy metals
        • Chlorophyll molecule center is magnesium
        • Magnesium is stored in muscle
        • When low in magnesium it is taken from muscles resulting in tight muscles, restless legs, Charlie horses twitches, spasms, weak muscles
        • ADHD
    • Low in iron. Look at tissue by pulling eyelid down, pale gums

We are saturated in heavy metals

  • 100, 000 tons of nano aluminum released in environment annually
    • Animals, fish eat ig
  • Rain tests positive for aluminum, lead, glyphosate, cadmium, mercury
  • Get toxins from food and environment
  • These metals cause inflammation, oxidative stress, start pathways toward disease
    • Interfere with metabolic pathways
    • Some get into brain
  • Glyphosate is a chelator and brings these into the brain
  • Aluminum is associated with Alzheimer’s disease


Zinc deficiency

  • Pale nail beds
  • White flashes in nail beds
  • Cracks in side of lips
  • Difficulties thinking
  • Raw pastured yolks have the highest zinc


  • Foods high in magnesium
    • Dark leafy metals, avocados, almonds
  • Chlorophyll molecule center is magnesium
  • Magnesium is stored in muscle
    • When deficient in magnesium, it is taken from muscles resulting in tight muscles, restless legs, Charlie horses, twitches, spasms, weak muscles
    • ADHD all muscles firing
  • Magnesium magnate causes body to
    • make GABA good for anxiety
    • melatonin for sleep
    • is calming


  • Hardell’s studies with cell phones and cordless phones associated with glioblastomas and acoustic neuromas
  • Sometimes shape of tumour is the shape of cell phone
  • Cellphones have data not to put cell phone near body.
  • Cellphone pings cause surge
  • American toxicology studies showed correlation with glioblastomas and heart swannomas
  • Hugh Taylor (Yale) and Suleman Kaplan (Turkey) independently. Found putting a cell phone on a pregnant abdomen resulted in brain damage in off spring especially in hippocampus
  • Firemen got sick in California when cell towers were placed on the roof of fire stations
  • In 1996, a law was passed that positioning of cell towers could not be changed for health reasons
  • Hits everyone differently depending on body weakness
  • Phone blockers create surge near body
  • Phone harmonizers help   this does not allow electricity to go through body in negative way.
    • Energy dots UK  – cf. Elizabeth Plourde interview
      • Dots facing body makes folks sicker
      • Dots facing outward helps
      • Won’t measure this with meter because it harmonizes body
    • Safe
    • Tuning element
    • Somavedic products
    • Lloyd Burrells products
  • Don’t use cell phones in moving metal container (car, train, elevator)
    • Because head is antenna, and signals vary when moving because cell phone is searching for a tower
    • Sudden bursts are the problem such as smart meter
  • Charging cell phones and lap tops bring surges
  • Breaking strand of DNA
    • Stress, wind
    • Never saw double strands of DNA break until 5 G

Have parasites and microbiome in body

  • These are phenomenal conductors
  • ALA can pull out metals

Body knows how to heal and protect

  • body surrounds mental with yeast incasing metals
    • have jelly donut in body yeast in body surrounding metals
    • have yeast symptoms
    • candida has toxic gases
      • ethanol (alcohol)
      • when her son ate had ethanol acted intoxicated, poor balance, emotionally sensitive

Leaky gut

  • can be from candida, EMF, glyphosate, stress, bad diet (NfKB)

Autoimmune disease

  • come from leaky gut
  • based on pathogenic yeast in body
  • in microbial layer are millions of cells
    • deplete healthy cells, left with yeast which spreads.
      • Grows from size of golf ball to sock which puts out tenticals (which can be four feet long engendering leaky gut
      • Causes holes in gut, undigested proteins go into blood stream engendering immune reactions

Chicken soup

  • Healing helps fill holes from leaky gut
  • Helps with autoimmune syndromes
  • Good for knee pain, carpel tunnel, allergies, joint or connective tissues, collagen
    • Wrinkles go away

Milk kefir

  • Takes 24 hours to ferment
  • Has no lactose or casein
  • Has beneficial streptococcus
  • If MRSA, have a fermented food
  • If have staph have a fermented food

She reversed stage IV cancer