Ask your health questions to Raymond Francis

Aired on February 2, 2018

  • Health is in a long term down trend.
  • Health costs are increasing and will bankrupt the government
  • The average IQ in the US is lower than the normal IQ throughout the world
    • We are getting dumber
      • Poor diets that don’t support brain function
      • Toxins:
        • Fluoride
          • We put fluoride in our water
          • We drink more fluoride in the US than the rest of the world
          • We are finding fluoride in our Wheaties and cereals
          • Fluoride is fine on a tooth but not in the body
          • It substitutes for iodine in the thyroid
          • It is treated as a drug to treat tooth decay, yet the FDA has never studied it
        • Aluminum
          • Put in deodorants and vaccines
        • Deet
        • Aspartame
          • Damages the brain
          • Before FDA pushed it into our food supply there were studies showing it causes cancer
        • Food Additives
          • Artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives
          • Processing aides
          • Artificial colourings damage our brains and behavior
      • What is the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Government doing?
        • They pushed aspartame on US public although they knew it caused cancer
        • They pushed GMO on the US public although the FDA scientists warned against it
        • Also US Congress passed a law in 1996 that cell tower placement could not be stopped for health reasons

Cell Tower Studies

  • Studies show if you live within 1200 feet of a cell tower, risk of cancer skyrockets
    • All cause of deaths increases
    • My interviews of Swiss farmers – they all got sick when cell towers were placed in
    • Firemen are getting sick with placement of cell towers on firehouses

Cell Phones and Microwave Radiation

  • Hardell Studies connecting cell phones with brain cancers
  • 1960s Russians were bombarding Embassies with microwaves
    • This was below what all of us are being exposed to today
    • Many people got cancer
  • EMF makes it difficult to detox during the night

Toxic Overload

  • Although a little bit of a toxin won’t hurt us, combine all the different toxins which affect different pathways, the effect is to make us sick.
  • Studies on three food additives coloring, flavoring, preservative)
    • One fed to an animal at a time, no problem
    • Two fed to animals, animals got sick
    • Three fed to animals, the animals died
    • Toxins work synergistically and we only test them one at a time.

The Government and industry will not protect us

  • We have to be proactive in our health care.
  • Studies are influenced by money
  • Studies are designed to not show harm with a product
  • In the times of Louis 14th , the court doctors ended up killing many people


  • Cause of diseases
    • Poor nutrition
    • Toxins
  • Is a failure of the self regulating parts of the body
  • For health, we need to shift back into self regulating
  • Need normal Ph
    • Abnormal ph hinders the repair mode
    • Normal Ph needed for
      • Chemical reactions in body
      • Signaling genes
      • Changes signals to genes
    • Measure Ph of first morning urine
      • Want this Ph between 6.5 and 7.5
  • Aging is a lack of repair mode


  • Is a disease
  • Is a switch in the brain that takes care of weight
  • Too much fat, this switch tells us to burn fat
  • We jam the switch telling us to store fat
  • Need to get this switch on so we burn fat
    • Insulin jams this switch to store fat
      • So avoid sugary, high glycemic index food
    • Aspartame will jam this switch to store fat.
    • Glutamates will jam this switch
    • Mercury can jam this switch.
  • His book “Never be fat Again”

Chemical Hypersensitivity

  • Need to strengthen the body and liver
  • Diet, detoxification
  • Put body back into self-regulating, self-repairing mode
  • Caused by a failure of system (liver)
  • Is a learned response
    • Boyd becomes sensitive to chemicals
    • A few molecules will cause the body to go into a response

How to Protect Ourselves

  • The body can handle a certain amount of toxins
  • We are in toxic overload
  • We should reduce our toxin exposure
  • Can reduce 80 %  pesticides by stopping regular dairy and meat
  • Cell phone
    • Keep it on airplane mode
    • Worst time to use it in moving vehicles or elevators
    • Turn off the wi-fi.
    • Be careful of earphones with wires in it
  • Eat organic
    • Fresh real food
    • Absence of sugar
    • Processed food is garbage
      • Low in nutrition
      • High in toxins
    • Seas salt better than salt
      • Eat foods with potassium
  • Use supplements
    • Magnesium essential
      • Buffering
      • Involved in many reactions
      • Need good quality not magnesium oxide
  • Functional Medicine, naturopathy better options as they seek to find the cause of illness
  • Health is a Choice
  • He drinks reverse osmosis water
    • Is inexpensive
    • Distilled water is expensive and depends on quality of original water

His website:

One of his many books:  The Great American Health Hoax.