Andrew Saul, PhD

Vitamin C: censorship and criminalization of alternative therapy

Aired on: April 30, 2021

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The 4/15/21 Department of Justice released the below regarding deceptive treatments of covid. Doctors and research have been censored. For example, the CEO of youtube stated she would only allow authoritative information and censor information on vitamin C and curcumin. Vitamin C has stood the test of time. What is going on? Why is the public denied any healing information on covid other than “the authoritative view “The COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act, passed by Congress in December 2020, prohibits deceptive acts or practices associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or diagnosis of COVID-19. Persons who violate the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act may be subject to civil penalties, injunctive relief and other remedies available under the FTC Act”

Vitamin C: censorship and criminalization of alternative therapy

Andrew Saul, PhD

-his website has many peer-reviewed articles that can be downloaded.

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Use of vitamin C in China during the virus

  • Richard Cheng, MD, PhD was visiting his family in China when the  virus broke out
  • He talked to officials and convinced them to treat people with vitamin C
  • Vitamin C has a good record of treating viruses since 1940 including polio, pneumonia, influenza
  • Dr. Cheng had success with treating viral illnesses in the past
  • The Shanghai Government used Vitamin c in treatment
  • They used vitamin C in treating the virus in Wuhan as well
  • He worked with major Chinese physicians
  • When Dr. Saul recommended this on social media, it was blocked
  • The blocking agencies never consulted Dr. Saul, Dr. Cheng, or the Shanghai government
  • Pts in China got better even when they were at death’s door
  • One study in Wuhan had to be stopped because they could not find enough sick people.

Other information on Vitamin C

  • 25 covid patients in US were given 25 g vitamin C IV for three days.  They all recovered.
  • At the end of January 2020, the orthomolecular news report, Dr. Saul wrote that vitamin C helps with viruses.  This was before the censors.  As a result stores ran out of vitamin C in all countries.
  • Early a vitamin C manufacturer (Netherlands) gave Wuhan, China C 50 tons of vitamin C

Other useful approaches to the virus

  • Nutritional medicine makes sense
  • For Vitamin C take oral vitamin c often til bowel tolerance.  When ill, one requires more vitamin C than when well.
    • Vitamin C is water soluble so it needs to be taken often
      • For prevention 6 to 8 grams per day
      • If have the virus 12 – 20 grams
      • IV is ten times as effective as oral doses
      • In the hospital, intravenous vitamin C does not affect the bowels
    • Vitamin C is an antihistamine and can help with allergies
    • Is antipyretic (helps with fevers), antitoxin, has antibiotic effect working through immune system
    • Is excellent broad spectrum anti-viral
    • Does not increase kidney stones
      • Increases oxalates
      • Inhibits the bond between vitamin C and oxalates
      • Vitamin C blocks formation of kidney stone
    • People with adverse G6PD genetic SNP, can take vitamin c at lower doses
  • Vitamin D
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium

Why isn’t this information in the News?

  • There is a controlled information flow.  Doctors that go against the narrative will lose their licenses
  • Government is going after doctors who are saving lives if they don’t use government’s mandated treatment.
    • Doctors have lost their licenses from promoting Vitamin C
  • They are silencing licensed physicians who are saving lives
  • WHO suppresses information on successful early treatments
  • Social media censors health information
    • On February 14, 2020, WHO representatives of Amazon, Youtube, Google, and other platforms .  They are working together to block this information
    • If Dr. Saul puts anything on his facebook page about vitamin C helping to prevent or treat the virus, he is blocked from facebook for 30 days.
    • CEO of youtube stated she will censor anything on vitamin C and curcumin
    • NY governor Andrew Cuomo put on her website that she cured her virus with vitamin C
  • NY senator chuck Schumer proposed that use of vitamin C should be criminal
  • At the end of a 1000 page spending bill, there was an FTC / FDA rule that doctors are subject to legal action if they use other treatments other than the government’s mandated treatment

Other Censorship of Early Treatments

  • One researcher was told that the FDA ordered their staff not to talk about vitamin D in exchange for future lucrative jobs in pharma
  • After President Trump suggested hydroxyquinine, two false articles were published in Lancet and the The New England Journal of Medicine (these articles were later retracted.
    • Hydroxyquinine has been used for 50 years without any difficulties
    • Hydroxyquinine acts as a channel to get zinc into the cell.  Zinc stops viral reproduction
  • The person who was ordered by President Trump to get hydroxyquinine available to the public, sabotaged this.
  • Dr. Downs’ documentary, The Big Secret, a film on nutrition, was removed from Amazon Prime by Congressman Adam Schiff in 2019.
  • Main stream Media censorship
    • Doctors who were treating with vitamin C were filmed on local affiliates, but these videos have  “disappeared.”
    • The NY Post wrote a story of Dr. Webber who was having good success in treating viral patients with vitamin C.  This article and his video were deleted.

People have been scared

  • They are told to quarantine, wear masks, get shots, but no one is told how to prevent serious illness.
  • In 2016, Dr. Fauci said in the Washingtonian Post said  ‘you should take vitamin C.  I take 1000 g of vitamin c everyday
  • The government’s mandates violate the Nuremberg Code
    • Does not stop the transmission or stop the illness
    • The government insists to take it, wear a mask and distance
  • If one takes the shot, he recommends taking a lot of vitamin C
    • The circulatory blood clots reminds him of scurvy
  • People who have had the virus should have a life long immunity
  • It is reported that women have worse side effects
  • Children should not be near the vaccinated.
  • It is an experiment

In the past we could depend on the government and he news

  • In the past the media had whistle blowers and did exposes.
  • The media gets its money from pharma
  • Only the US and New Zealand allow pharma advertising
  • Any medical journal, Reader’s Digest or Prevention Magazines have pharma advertisements
    • Journals with pharma advertisements are likely to have fewer articles on nutrition on vitamins.
  • Peaceful protests in Europe on this issue were all stopped the last year.
  • Kristelnach when Jewish persons were terrorized, shot which allowed governments used emergency powers
  • In the US, the shot has never been tested and is mandated under government emergency powers
  • The world is kept away from churches, social contacts, could not hug family members
    • He feels only Satan can pull this off; only God can save us
    • Gates has discussed va{{ine shots against the God gene