Alison Leighton

Castor Oil: Aid for Health

Aired On: December 30, 2022

Episode Description

Castor oil has been used since 1550 BC. It has been used in Edgar Cayce remedies and used for detox, skin and hair care and as an adjunct in many medical conditions. Learn about its many uses in this podcast.


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  • We want to be proactive about health and move towards optimal wellness
  • Castor oil has been used since 1550 BC
  • Edgar Cayce had interesting remedies including castor oil packs for detox
    • Cayce did a lot of research on castor. Oil and felt it exceed many other remedies
      • He found castor oil helped with elimination, assimilation, breaking up adhesions, epilepsy (helped calm the nervous system)
  • Everything starts in the gut
    • She trained as a colonic therapist and studied uses for castor oil


  • If one does not have daily bowel movements, are not getting rid of toxins, hormones, excess cholesterol
    • Should have a bowel movement once to three times per day
    • Bristol stool chart want between stages three to four
      • Sausage shape
    • No straining
    • Should not need to wipe
      • If stools are sticky or mucousy
        • Not enough fiber, hydration, imbalance of gut bacteria
  • Good at removing excess toxins and wastes
    • People can absorb nutrients
    • Skin condition improves
  • Helps hydrate and exercise colon
    • Most of the water in the body is absorbed in the colon
    • Get rid of waste, gas
    • Hydrates the colon
    • Absorbs nutrients better
    • Sleep has improved
    • Dark rings under eyes has disappeared
    • Some people have had headaches disappear
  • It removes gas
  • At home can do enemas, these don’t go as deep
  • Coffee enemas
    • Great for detoxification
    • Helps improve bile quality which helps digestion
    • The palmitic acid, active component in coffee, gets absorbed
    • Helps parasympathetic
  • For extremely constipated clients she recommends a few colonics shortly
    • Maintenance three to four times per year
    • She recommends at least once per year.

Causes of gas

  • Not chewing food properly
    • Not enough saliva, stomach acidity, enzymes, and bile
      • Saliva has amylase which helps digest starches
        • Food is stuck in colon and ferments
        • Undigested proteins (foods) in bloodstream initiated an immune response which through molecular mimicry can lead to autoimmune diseases


  • Caused by stress which shuts down digestion
  • Food will sit, ferment and cause gas
  • Some foods ferment quicker in some individuals
  • Need to work individually on each person
  • Bloating improves with improved liver and bile health

Hacks to help gut

  • Chewing properly
  • Look at digestive enzymes
  • Sit while eating
  • Take five to ten deep breaths while eating – the quickest way to shut off the stress response
  • Eat whole foods
  • Bone broth is healing gut
  • Don’t eat all the time – take a break between eating so the body can digest

Need for pancreatic enzymes

  • Stool testing
    • Will tell if need enzymes for fat or protein digestion
  • If can’t afford to test, try digestive enzymes
    • She gives a combination
    • If a person had gall bladder removed or is having difficulties with fat digestion, she gives enzyme to help with fat digestion
    • If a person has difficulties digesting proteins, give acid, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar or a general digestive enzyme

Importance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach

  • is the body’s first line of defense against pathogens (viruses, bacteria)
  • helps ionize minerals: puts minerals in the form in which they can be absorbed
    • For example, stomach acid is needed to make vitamin B 12 absorbable, but vitamin B 12 is also needed for the production of stomach acid.
  • Needed to digest protein
  • Sends signals to release pancreatic enzymes for the gall bladder to release bile
  • Give signals to close the stomach entrance valve
  • The antacid medication stops hydrochloric acid production
    • Antacids are supposed to be prescribed only for a short period of time
    • Won’t digest food properly
    • Will have a poorer immune system
    • Get ill longer
    • Won’t get proper nutrients
    • Stopping antacids suddenly can cause rebound and worse symptoms
      • This must be done by working with a physician
  • Some folks diagnosed with GERD actually have too little stomach acid so can test with    
    • Betaine before meal to see if don’t feel worse
    • Also, can try lemon juice and apple cider vinegar before a meal

Castor oil packs

  • Benefits
    • Helps increase glutathione which is difficult to increase via supplements
    • Improves detoxification
      • Eg. After cancer chemotherapy, castor oil with coffee enemas helps rid toxic side effects
      • Helps immune system
    • Hormone balancing helped balance her irregular periods
    • Improves bowel health
    • Helps with stress
    • Helped with perimenopause
    • Helped with menstrual cramps
    • Helped bowel movements (when placed on the abdomen)
    • Liver cleanse (place above liver)
    • Helps with pain
    • Helps break down adhesions and scar tissues
    • Supports the immune system by supporting the lymphatic system
      • Helps improve lymphocytes which fight infection
    • Helps with detoxification
    • Helps with smooth muscle contraction
      • Helps with constipation and bloating
      • Smooth muscles contraction helps move wastes through colon
    • Helps with hair growth
      • Eyelashes and eyebrows
      • She spreads extra oil on her hair for one hour and then washes it off
    • Helps with dry skin, pimples
      • Has antibacterial properties
      • Helps with any infections
      • She uses castor oil as a face masque
        • Sugar and salt for exfoliation
      • Has helped her with pigmentation and skin damage
      • She believes her forehead lines aren’t as deep
      • She uses under her moisturizer
      • In bath, she puts it on her face for 10 minutes
  • Mechanism
    • Helps increase glutathione, the major antioxidant
    • 90 % is assinylic  ? acid
      • It has higher weight and can be absorbed deep into body and organs
      • Helps improve circulation
        • Improves oxygenated blood to organs
        • Anti-inflammatory

Where can place castor oil packs

  • For liver detox, place over liver (right hand side of body rib area)
    • Wear for a minimum or one hour
    • Supports detoxification of waste, toxins, excess hormones
    • Liver makes 1/3 to ½ lymphatic fluid
    • Helps increase glutathione
    • Well help liver to produce bile
    • Start liver detox slowly
      • Three days on and four days off and then increase
      • Some folks eventually do it daily for one month
    • Do  for an hour minimally
    • Can sleep overnight, but can make a mess
  • For constipation and bloating on abdomen
    • Helps rid toxins through bowels
  • For hormone balancing put over lower abdomen
  • To improve lymphatics any place, but particularly on abdomen
  • For kidney issues, place over kidneys
  • Over aches, pains,
  • On thyroid
  • On hair stimulates hair growth
  • Some place in on eyelashes
  • Can put on skin
  • If put on gall bladder, can help digestion
    • Liver produces bile
    • If liver is sluggish won’t produce bile as well
  • On thyroid
    • Helps with lymphatic system
    • For enlarged thyroid, can place on thyroid
  • On breasts for breast feeding

Consistency is key


  • Not in pregnancy as it works on sooth muscles
  • If has a coil in
  • Some say not when breast feeding as toxins are released
  • There is a difference of opion

Her castor oil

  • Organic, cold pressed, hexane free, in dark glass bottle
  • Plastic bottle
    • Plastic  binds to toxins
    • plastic goes into acidic or oily substances
    • plastic bottle result in extra strain on liver and hormones
    • Industries who claim products are BPA free, these products are filled with BPA substitutes such as BPS, BPU
  • Sustainably produced