Albert Benavides

Looking at VAERs data

Aired on: June 24, 2022

Episode Description

VAERs is a data system which tracks side effects from vaccines. Albert Benavides who has analyzed hospital data for decades has been following and evaluating the VAERs data and will share his results.

Albert Benavides

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  • VAERS is the vaccine adverse effects reporting system
  • Physicians, health care workers or patients can enter data about side effect
  • He started analyzing the vaccine data from the day it was rolled out
  • He gives a weekly audit
  • Has familiarity with vaccine data from is past employment

What have you been up to and What have you found?

  • Adverse events came in at a fast pace:
  • He saw warning signals
  • He has been following for 1.5 years
  • He was kicked off of youtube for reporting VAERs data

Is what you found publicly known?

  • All course increase mortality. From jab? Fromm virus?
  • 28,000 deaths total. 80 % deaths occurred within 72 hours of the vaccines
  • The biggest change was the change in menstruation
  • 1000 % increase in heavy menstruation
    • Not clear if this was due to vaccine or covid
  • He is frightened with the results

VAERS verifies and eliminates duplicates

  • Typically this takes 4 – 6 weeks
  • However, they add deaths that occurred 14 months previously and they received this complaint 14 months previously
  • He observed 1000s of death claims that were not published til over a year after they received the reports
    • This underestimates the deaths.

Data Deletion

  • Usually 300 reports deleted weekly. 
  • They don’t give an explanation
  • They say that this is for duplicates and false reports
    • He only found the duplicate twin 10 % of the i=time out of 2000 reports
  • In deleted deaths, they were submitted by contactable physician
  • In the last 9 weeks, there were 12,502
    • 106 were deaths
    • 1085 were classified as serious cases (life threatening, permanent d
    • 11,312. Minor cases include the emergency visits
  • In 1.5 years, 19,000 deletions
    • 529 were deaths
    • 1073 were permanent disabilities
  • In 2009, there were 88 polio vaccine deaths in one week
    • Back then, that would have been enough to stop the product
  • Difficulties in filing VAERs report
  • He is finding that some batches are worse than others
  • This is the first time that natural immunity is deemed not to work
  • He is censored often