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web-head-dr-francisRaymond Francis believes that aging is a mistake and with proper maintenance we can live to age one hundred. Fatigue, obesity, aches and pain are not a normal result of aging, but result from not allowing the body to perform its normal function of self repair. If we don’t maintain our body, it will end up on a junk pile in disrepair. There are teenagers that have the biological age of forty due to unhealthy life styles choices. He further states that there is only one disease that is caused by either lack of nutrition of toxins. He, like past speakers, believes that disease can be prevented and almost all diseases reversed with proper nutrition and avoidance of toxins. Yet proper nutrition may be a thing of the past. Soil is depleted and most foods adulterated. Even supplements do not fill the nutritional gap as the supplements that lack good quality control may cause more harm than good. Come listen to Raymond and learn how to live to age one hundred.



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From the February 3 Interview with Dr. Campbell
  • Canadians won’t accept some US cheeses
  • Europeans won’t accept some US meat
High Rates of Chronic Illness
  • There is an enormous epidemic of chronic diseases leaving many disabled
  • Less than 1 % of the US population is really healthy although most will say they are healthy.
  • More than 75% of the US population has a chronic disease diagnosis.
  • For people over 65, 90 % have a diagnosis of a chronic disease
  • The cost of these chronic diseases will drive the US into bankruptcy.
  • With the standard American Diet (SAD) or the horrible American Diet (HAD) people age prematurely.
  • In the US thirty year olds have biomarkers of eighty year olds and ten year olds have biomarkers of 45 year olds
  • Most Americans do not know what it feels like to be healthy.
This aging is a mistake.
  • Disease is caused by two factors
    • Lack of Sufficient nutrients
    • Toxins
  • The body is self repairing
  • To get well, eat healthy foods with supplementation and avoid toxic substances
  • if all cells functionally normally, we cannot be sick and are healthy.
  • To get healthy, we need to shift into repair mode and get rid of toxins
Toxins are to be Avoided
  • Toxins damage repair machinery and cell communication
  • The body has detox ability, but we are overloading body’s ability to detox these chemicals
  • Detoxing from chemicals requires a lot of nutrients coming from the diet.
  • The Standard American diet does not allow proper detoxification.
Toxic Personal Hygiene Products
  • Many personal hygiene products are toxic and go into the body through the skin.
  • Toothpaste has toxic chemicals
  • One tube toothpaste is sufficient to kill a small child
  • If we can’t eat it, why should we put it into our mouths?
  • He uses Welleda toothpaste which he considers safe
Other toxic Substances
  • Avoid sugar – a metabolic poison.
  • Sugar is addictive
  • The body is not designed to metabolize refined sugar.
  • Two teaspoons of sugar lowers immunity by 50 % for two hours.
  • Artificial sugars are worse, but stevia in moderation is OK
  • On the average each person in the US eats 200 lb of wheat per year
  • The body cannot handle this
  • For more information, see the February 17 interview with Dr. O’Bryan.
Processed Oils
  • Best way to get cancer
  • Includes Sunflower, safflower oil, canola, corn oil, soybean oil
  • Inappropriate for human biology will cause cancer
  • Olive oil is good, but high quality is very difficult to get
  • Generally, there are no good oils in any supermarket.
  • His books will suggest what oils/ foods to eat
Supermarket Foods
  • Supermarkets, even those who say they are healthy generally have garbage for food
  • Fresh organic produce harvested in the last couple of days is best
  • Half the nutrition in produce is gone within three days
  • Non-organic foods are heavily sprayed.
  • Strawberries are sprayed the most
  • Avocados are least affected by insecticides.
Meat and Dairy
  • 80 % of the pesticides we consume are in non organic dairy and meet
  • Our bodies do not digest dairy. Cows milk is for calves
  • Yogurt and kefir traditionally good foods
  • Raw goat milk OK to make own kefir
Measures of Health
  • Measure pH of first am urine before eating or drinking large. It should be 6.5- 7.5. 7 is ideal
  • It is not normal to be tired
  • A person should be able to run up fix to six flights of stairs and feel terrific
Healthy Supplements are Essential
  • Over 80 % of the US population is deficient in magnesium
  • Because the soil minerals have been depleted, it is difficult to get necessary nutrition from diet alone.
    • It takes 20 carrots per day to get the amount of zinc from a carrot of 50 years ago.
    • It takes 4 carrots per day to get the amount of magnesium from a carrot of 50 years ago.
Limitations of Popular Supplements
  • Most of the top selling vitamins are useless.
  • The shape of the vitamin molecule is essential for metabolism as enzymes fit into vitamin molecules lid a key.
  • Most vitamins are synthetic with the wrong shape so they don’t work
  • As an example beta carotene has to be “right handed,” and synthesized beta carotene does not work although the US Government says it is “OK.”
  • The body uses “left handed ascorbic acid. Other forms are useless.
  • Synthetic Vitamin B 12 actually lowers the body’s vitamin B 12 levels. Synthetic cyanocobalamin is not usable by the body and breaks off into a cyanide molecule.
Getting toxins out of body
  • Sauna a household necessity he 1-1.5 hours per week he has not measurable toxins
  • Raymond is not an advocate of prescription medications as he believes they can be toxic in their attempt to suppress symptoms (please discuss any such questions with your physician)
  • Caloric restriction is a good way to extend life expectancy
  • Health is a choice: anyone can choose it.
  • Feel better, live longer, save country from going bankrupt